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Why would you put a tent on top of your car?

During the camping season, your rooftop tent can always be above your car, and most models allow you to store your sleeping bags neatly inside. Leave the worry of where you will sleep behind your base camp always with you. A nest in the roof allows you to go out and explore more often and more easily. Having your tent on top of your vehicle allows you to store your expensive equipment inside your locked vehicle while you sleep.

Some diehard SUVs sleep in the crates of their trucks with a truck cover over them, but this means that when they sleep, all their equipment must be stored somewhere else. With an RTT, your equipment can stay securely in place and locked at all times. The point of a rooftop tent is that it's much easier to go camping. Create more space inside your car.

Sleeping is safer and more comfortable because you don't have to sleep on the floor, and many rooftop tents have a luxury mattress. Most roof top tents fit cars Camping with a roof top tent increases your mobility. Its purpose is to keep you away from poisonous snakes and spiders in the Australian outback. I'm not going to lie, your description of who owns these things is SPOT on.

They like the idea of going out, so they buy a bunch of expensive toys that they use once a year to look good. A rooftop tent offers you different location options than a traditional tent. Because it mounts to your car, you can use it in places where a traditional game would not be practical or would be totally prohibited. For example, a Walmart parking lot, RV park, or freeway rest stop.

Why pay for a campsite when you can sleep where and where you want, for free? In addition, unlike standard tents, roof tents are not designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. With an RTT you can camp in all types of weather and all types of terrain, just like with an RV, while tents are only comfortable and practical in relatively warm climates and on flat terrain. I wonder how serious these tents are, especially since they have a lot of space underneath for the wind to try to turn them into umbrellas. Just close the tent with the bedding in it and it will be there when you reopen it at night.

Rooftop tents don't have standard indoor lighting, so make sure you organize it yourself. The biggest advantage of these rooftop tents is that they are usually much larger and you can sleep with more people (3 or inside). I would always recommend finding a roof top tent that weighs less because this way, you have a margin to put extra weight on the top of your car. The foam pad feels like your home mattress and doesn't move, covering the entire tent floor.

However, when your car is parked, you can add more on the roof, since no force is applied by the movement, and your extra weight is evenly distributed across the tent structure and roof bars. In the years since then, I've tried two, one from Yakima and one from Thule (Thule bought Tepui stores a couple of years ago, and its RTT division is now Thule Tepui, confusingly). Sleeping in a rooftop tent is much more like sleeping in your home bed in terms of overall comfort. Both tents have foam pads that are always in the tent, they fold up with the tent when the system is closed, so there is no need to worry about the pad every time the tent is installed.

With everything from the prevailing sun and whistling winds, to the relentless rain and annoying insects that threaten to frustrate your excursion, a tent helps ensure your safety and security during your camping experience. If you only buy a rooftop tent and don't use a lot of extras, traveling with a rooftop tent can be very cheap. .

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