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Why are roof top tents so popular?

Roof tents are more comfortable. Combine it with the thick, weatherproof walls of your tent and you'll almost forget you're camping. And when temperatures drop at night, sleeping off the floor will keep you much warmer. See our list of the top 10 RTT Hardshell for information on this.

Many people use RTTS in their off-road or 4×4 vehicles, and since the tent goes everywhere the vehicle goes, it can open up a lot of places where car camping wouldn't be practical otherwise. Even if you have driven to a place where there are no wide and flat places to set up a tent, if you can use blocks to level your vehicle, your RTT will still operate comfortably. This is a particular feature of rigid RTTs, but many of these tent types have a hard top surface gear mounting system on which you can store about 75 pounds of additional equipment. How much weight can you put on the roof of a car? Overall, the DWC of most cars, trucks and SUVs is approximately 165 pounds.

This means that when your vehicle is moving, you should never exceed that limit. However, when your car is parked, you can add more on the roof, since no force is applied by the movement, and your extra weight is evenly distributed across the tent frame and roof bars. The 15 Toughest Ultramarathons in the World. In general, a rooftop tent is much more comfortable than a traditional tent.

There are many reasons for this. Rooftop tents first appeared on the overseas market a few years ago, but were prohibitively expensive. Thanks to new models for various budgets, what started out as crazy that appealed exclusively to wealthy nature lovers has become much more accessible to all campers. Since then, a host of new businesses have sprung up to give their own twist to the characteristics of rooftop tents.

The point of a rooftop tent is that it's much easier to go camping. Create more space inside your car. Sleeping is safer and more comfortable because you don't have to sleep on the floor, and many rooftop tents have a luxury mattress. Most roof top tents fit cars.

Camping with a rooftop tent increases your mobility. An apparent benefit of rooftop tents over traditional tents is being lifted off the ground and away from creatures. To tell you the truth, anything that crawls on the ground has no problem getting on the side of your vehicle and climbing into your tent. Depending on where you camp, that includes spiders, ants, mice, squirrels, gluttons and, no doubt, bears.

It may seem safer than a typical tent. Rooftop tents can not only be used as a tent, but also as an additional luggage compartment while you're on the road. Of course, you won't have a bathroom, running water, or kitchen facilities in your RTT, but it does provide some of the amenities and mobility that an RV would have, especially compared to a tent on the ground. Some car and SUV owners may also need to purchase a roof rack or additional hardware to mount a new RTT to their vehicles.

In addition to looking ridiculous, driving your closed-roof tent around the city on a regular basis could also hurt your mileage around the city. Because these tents are so heavy, you'll need to hire several friends to help you hoist one on the roof of your car. You've probably seen vehicles driving around with what looks like a strangely shaped storage bag on top, but in reality they're tents that unfold to become sweet oases off the ground. Leveling a tent on the roof means leveling your entire vehicle, which requires leveling blocks, a spirit level (if you want to save yourself some headaches) and potentially driving and backing up for a while every time you camp.

Beyond that, people are frustrated by wind or rain noises (since tents are higher in the air), and there is also the irritation of having to go down a ladder in the dark at night to go to the bathroom. If you're not a traveler but still want to try a rooftop tent, we recommend spending a little less than the list price on Yakima's newest roof top tent model. It's also more of a deterrent to people who might be looking to get good camping gear at a five-finger discount, as it will be difficult to remove your ~150 pound rooftop tent from the top of your vehicle, especially without making a lot of noise or hurting yourself. Most tents are made to be lightweight and portable, while RTTS are made to be strong and durable, as your vehicle supports the full weight.

This helps reduce the amount of material needed in creating the tent and provides a solid wall that homeowners can point to the wind. Rooftop tents have been around for a long time and have become very popular in the last ten years. If you're a light sleeper, know that sleeping in a rooftop softshell tent can be very noisy. .


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