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Is roofnest worth?

Considering how much you are going to spend. A roof top tent takes camping to a whole new level. Roofnest's Falcon is one of the best, but you'll pay for the privilege. For the second night with the Roofnest, I had been sold out.

I could easily see the game-changing capabilities a rooftop tent has when it comes to camping in a car. It was easy to install, configure and disassemble, and it was extremely comfortable. Plus, being on top of your car is fun and offers great views. The Eagle roof's rigid design, along with a pair of quick-release metal latches on the locking system, make it one of the easiest RTTs to set up we've found.

Roofnest offers a two-year warranty against defective workmanship, parts and materials that fail under normal use, but not due to misuse, negligence, or “force majeure”. Roofnest's impressive RTT lineup includes Falcon, Condor and Sparrow (along with Sandpiper and Eagle, which are not currently listed on their website). But if you have another minute, make sure to install Roofnest's best feature, hanging equipment and shoe holders. Despite the high price, the nest falcon is worth splurging if you are going to camp often and want a quick and easy setup.

Roofnest claims it's capable of withstanding storms and cold climates alike; of course, my night in it was clear in mild July, where temperatures barely dropped below 70, so I'll have to take his word for it. Of course, as mentioned, Roofnest manufactures a premium product designed for all types of weather that is simple and easy to use. Among the most notable and attractive options are offerings from the Colorado-based Roofnest brand. Luckily for me, I was able to experience the Roofnest Falcon hard aluminum tent in the wilderness of southern Utah and northern Arizona.

The Roofnest Falcon proved to be a well-designed tent worthy of consideration for your next overland adventure. The wall material used in the Roofnest Eagle is a polyester/cotton blend with a polyurethane coating that has a very healthy hydrostatic head waterproof rating of 3000 mm. I was excited and a little skeptical to see this new way of camping, but overall, the Roofnest didn't disappoint. As part of the roof sparrow review, here is a detailed description of each component of the sparrow.

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