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Why rooftop tents?

Elevated camping keeps pests away · 3.Rooftop tents are more comfortable · 4.With a nest on the roof, you're always ready to go on your next adventure. You don't have to take out your tent and sleeping bags, only to realize that you forgot about the poles once you're 2 hours on the road. An apparent benefit of rooftop tents over traditional tents is being off the ground and away from creatures. To tell you the truth, anything that crawls on the ground has no problem getting on the side of your vehicle and climbing into your tent.

Depending on where you camp, that includes spiders, ants, mice, squirrels, gluttons and, no doubt, bears. It may seem safer than a typical tent. Rooftop tents are very easy to set up, saving you time every time you stop at night. With little or no previous camping effort or experience, you'll be able to quickly set up your tent for the night at every stop along your road trip.

If you're a light sleeper, know that sleeping in a rooftop softshell tent can be very noisy. A problem with most rooftop tents is that they are quite limiting for campers who pack large loads, such as bicycles, surfboards, or a kayak. Many rooftop tents claim to sleep four, but the Denali CVT is one of the few models with the flat to back it up. If you're looking for a high-end roof top tent that's built to last, you're likely going for a rigid design.

Honestly, I said this to a Yakima rep at Outdoor Retailer a few years ago, standing in front of a pick-up truck mounted rooftop tent (RTT), adorned with accessories by land, parked next to a charming simulation camp setup. Yakima is best known for its extensive collection of high-quality roof bars and car accessories, and its SkyRise HD harnesses that provide expertise in manufacturing a well-executed rooftop tent design. The unique features of most rigid roof tents allow you to store both the tent and your bedding on top of the vehicle. Opinions about rooftop tents tend to range from “they're really great” to “not my style, but what surprised me the most was the number of people who started buying them during the pandemic.

Leveling a tent on the roof means leveling your entire vehicle, which requires leveling blocks, a spirit level (if you want to save yourself some headaches) and potentially driving and backing up for a while every time you camp. All in all, the Skycamp is one of the most premium designs here and a solid option for those looking for the best rooftop tent money can buy. Softshell roof tents may take a little longer to set up, but they are still very easy compared to floor tents. If convenience and convenience are the most important factors and you're less concerned about the logistics of carrying it in your car, a rooftop tent makes perfect sense.

Rooftop tent vehicles are ideal for a camping adventure that requires you to move to a new campsite every night of your trip.

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