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How do you know if your car can handle a rooftop tent?

Can my car support a roof top tent? Yes, your vehicle can support a roof tent, as long as the roof load limit is greater than 165 pounds. Many larger SUVs, trucks, and cars will be ideal for this, but smaller cars and sedans may not have the structural capacity to support a roof tent, rack system, and the campers themselves. Just make sure that your shelves have a dynamic weight capacity (DWC) of at least the weight of the store. For example, if the store weighs 130 pounds, the shelves MUST have at least the same DWC.

You can simply call the manufacturer; refer to the specifications of their racks to find out. So, can you put a tent on the roof of any car? You can really put a tent on the roof of any car, but you can't put any tent on any car, you have to make sure you buy the right one for your vehicle to make sure you don't exceed the weight or size required for your personal vehicle. A truck can handle a tent much larger and nicer than a small sedan will be able to handle. This significant difference is mainly due to the fact that when the car is stationary, the weight you put on top of the car is evenly distributed throughout the frame.

Check your weight class and determine with your dealer or research online if your vehicle is strong enough to install a roof tent. The limits for each car are different, so choosing the right roof top tent that fits a car is different for everyone. You don't want to buy a roof top tent that is much larger than your car because it will affect driving performance and it's not always the safest option. Rooftop tents don't have standard indoor lighting, so make sure to organize it yourself.

The key factor in deciding if your car is made for a roof tent is the weight capacity specified for the roof. The total weight of the roof tent plus roof bars must not exceed the roof load limit prescribed by the car manufacturer; the roof load limit is a dynamic maximum load on the roof, which means the roof load while driving. You should check that your roof has a load capacity of at least 165 pounds before installing a roof top tent. When you place a rooftop tent in your car, the two most important factors to consider are the measurements and weight of the tent.

You should be careful when trying to put a roof top tent on your car by not exceeding the maximum weight limit of your car, which is not recommended. Use this quick read to understand feasibility, installation, and some ideal roof tent models to consider. A rooftop tent can easily weigh 200 pounds or more if you consider the metal shelf that serves as a base. If the roof bars are in the car, place the roof tent on top with two people and attach it to the roof bars.

Most of the time, a roof tent is slightly larger than the roof of a regular car, which doesn't matter much.

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