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Why roof tent?

Elevated camping keeps pests away · 3.Rooftop tents are more comfortable · 4.With a nest on the roof, you're always ready to go on your next adventure. You don't have to take out your tent and sleeping bags, only to realize that you forgot about the poles once you're 2 hours on the road. Roof tents tend to be cheaper than caravans, motorhomes and, without a doubt, motorhomes, both when you buy them for the first time and because they don't have the same ongoing costs that you would have with these alternatives. Rest assured that you're less likely to find a snake, scorpion, spider, or other creepy crawlers in your rooftop tent.

Keep in mind that the roof load capacity should include the weight of anything you place there, including the roof rack. But then I noticed a series of posts featuring rooftop tents (RTT), an outdoor segment that continues to grow in popularity for reasons unknown to me. With rooftop tents, you get additional storage space for your belongings than with tents because you can also put your things in the roof tent when it's closed. We love all types of campsites, from backpacking to glamping, rooftop tents to 4×4 campers, campers and compact RVs.

Secondly, the idea that rooftop tents are more comfortable than anything you would place on the ground is a fallacy when you consider the camping equipment currently available During the camping season, your rooftop tent can always be on top of your car, and the Most models allow you to store your sleeping bags neatly inside. And Roofnests are designed to be durable and weather resistant, so there's no reason you can't keep them on top of your car all year round. Most roof racks work with an RTT, but check the tent manufacturer's specifications to see how wide the bars should be, spacing and weight requirements, etc. A waterproof cover wraps around the entire tent when closed for driving, and the Yakima and Thule covers work the same way, with a closure and Velcro system.

There are three main types of roof tents, those similar to the Tepui, that open like a book and have a heavy canvas body and roof; literally “pop-ups” that have a hard cover and canvas body; or those that fully integrate into the vehicle as an aftermarket customization (think VW hoods). Rooftop tent vehicles are ideal for a camping adventure that requires you to move to a new campsite every night of your trip.

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