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Where is roofnest based?

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and founded by outdoor enthusiast Tim Nickles, Roofnest is a company that truly understands the needs and desires of those who find comfort in escaping the great outdoors. Join our community of more than 4.8k campers and overland travelers to share their stories, photos and questions with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Tim Nickles, the founder of Roofnest, is a 25-year-old Boulder resident who practically grew up outdoors. He spent his childhood touring the Alaskan wilderness with hiking boots on his feet and camping equipment on his back, tying his first pair of skis when he was just 3 years old.

Roofnest has spent years developing a diverse line of hardtop tents from its mountain town base in Boulder and aims to make camping in nature easier, more comfortable and more fun. In the year and a half since then, Roofnest has sold hundreds more tents and accessories with fiberglass covers and has been featured on national television. This boom is that this sector of the market has been so strong that the largest manufacturer of roof tents in the United States, Roofnest, based in Boulder, Colorado, has decided to expand its sales network to the vibrant UK market. We want Roofnest to be the place where people go to get everything they need for a truly luxurious camping experience.

And just in time for winter, Roofnest recently launched The Ptarmigan Tent Insulation, a packable, easy-to-install synthetic insulation system for both Roofnest Basic models (Eagle and Sparrow) and Sparrow X. Due to its intentional minimalist design and direct-to-consumer business model, Roofnest also offers very competitive prices. The Roofnest is so practical and comfortable that you'll daydream of places you can go to explore, see new things and create new experiences. All Roofnest models feature an elegant fiberglass housing that mounts to almost any type of vehicle roof rack with cross bars.

The Roofnest is so practical and comfortable that, once you've used it, you'll daydream about other places you can go to explore.

Roof tents

can be mounted on any car, hatch, SUV, truck or van and transformed into a motorhome worthy of the most exclusive wild camping experience. Roofnest's driving mission is to escape the familiar sights and sounds of your family routine and immerse yourself in nature.

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