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Roofnest problems?

View customer complaints about Roofnest, BBB helps resolve disputes with a company's services or products. All right, folks, I want to talk about the RoofNeSet Sparrow RTT that I've been running on my Jeep Wrangler for a few months now. Before I start, I want to make a few things clear. This model was provided directly to me by the company free of charge.

In addition, I will not continue to use the store, as this review will conclude my obligation to the company and I personally do not consider the system to be the right fit for my configuration. The height of my Jeep with the full pop-up style leads me to a real hassle to pack, since only one person is my main problem. That's not to say it's not suitable for anyone; hopefully at the end of this, you can decide if you want to use this store in your setup. The thing is that the sparrow on the previous roof was also a big roof tent.

It was the most popular model not only in the U.S. In the US, but also in the United Kingdom. And while it wasn't without flaws, or rather, minor drawbacks, considering the price, the Roof Sparrow was a great buy. Find the type of roof on your vehicle and what type of cross bars and towers you will need to mount your Roofnest.

You can easily place the Roofnest Sparrow on smaller estates with a dynamic load capacity of 165 pounds (typical value for most smaller cars). The Roofnest Sparrow is a great small roof tent, but there are a few things worth considering before buying. There are 4 access routes to Roofnest Sparrow with aluminum telescopic ladder hooks under each door. I think RoofNest did a lot to combat this, while the solution could have been much simpler.

We always recommend that you store your Roofnest at least 2 m above the ground to prevent moisture from entering your tent and causing rot or other possible damage. Roofnest Sales Director Morgan Newlon answers this fundamental question by discussing essential considerations related to cross bars. I wouldn't pay retail for one, and I think RoofNest could do a bit of work, and this store would be a much better system because of that. The Roofnest Sparrow is compatible with most full-size crossbars, however, it is recommended to use Thule Aeroblades or similar low-profile crossbars.

Roofnest says you don't have to pull it down one corner at a time, and the straps in the front aren't long enough for a person to pull forward. Although the Roofnest Sparrow is proven to withstand high winds, the awning is not, so when it's windy it's best to store it in the back of the car. The standard cross bars that come with your vehicle aren't always ideal for a Roofnest hardtop tent. Apart from this, no water should enter, and thanks to the inner insulation layer in the housing, the walls of the 280 g/m² tent, the Roofnest Sparrow is much quieter than any other polyester tent.

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