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Are rooftop tents worth it?

Rooftop tents are worthwhile because they offer convenience, safety and faster setup times. Prevent ground-dwelling creatures and small game game from entering your tent at night. Ultimately, a rooftop tent is worth it if you know you can put it to good use. There are many regular tents that can be purchased for a much lower price, but the added safety and convenience of a rooftop tent can be well worth the extra cost.

A rooftop tent is worth it when you want to go camping and travel in your own car. Rooftop tents are the intermediate option next to a regular tent and motorhome. Traveling with a rooftop tent has many advantages. Rooftop tents are much cheaper than a motorhome, are easy to set up and have a comfortable option to sleep a few meters above the ground.

At this point, you probably sound like a cantarrabias or, better yet, an outdoor purist. But as the outdoor community expands at an alarming rate, so are newcomers believing the idea that they need the best and greatest equipment on the market. A rooftop tent is not the cure for protection, comfort, or lack of experience. Car camping, road trips and even scattered camping are wonderful experiences when you use a traditional tent, curse of influencers.

Soft-top tents generally open to the side, while hard shells open like the top of an old VW camper. Soft-roof tents look more like your average tent, with an internal pole system and a triangular shape, but are generally made of much heavier canvas. Assuming you have double-checked the compatibility of your new tent with your existing roof rack configuration, it should be a matter of securing some bolts, clips, latches and the like. Rooftop tents don't have standard indoor lighting, so make sure you organize it yourself.

While roof top tents have been around for a while, their popularity has increased over the past decade, largely due to the increased visibility of the outdoor industry on internet platforms such as Instagram. If you're not a traveler but still want to try a rooftop tent, we recommend spending a little less than the list price on Yakima's newest roof top tent model. Therefore, if you are an expert in overland travel or are interested in getting ashore, roof tents could be the best option for you. Heavier roof tents can weigh several hundred pounds, so it's essential to know if your car's bike carrier can support all that weight.

The tent only weighs 120 pounds (55 kilograms) and is therefore ideal for fitting on top of almost every car. In addition to looking silly, driving your closed-roof tent around the city on a regular basis could also hurt your mileage around the city. Today, rooftop tents became popular for all commuters, and you'll have plenty of soft roof tents that easily fit on top of a regular car. Finding out you can't isn't a welcome surprise if the store turns into a deadly roadside projectile.

When you start learning more about rooftop tents, you quickly discover that there are basically two types of rooftop tents. Plus, depending on the type of rooftop tent you have, you'll have more space than you would in a narrow back seat. It's a relatively lightweight tent that installs via a locking latch system, so there's no need to screw in any bolts for installation and it probably won't damage your car. .

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