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Where are cvt tents manufactured?

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Alpha Clamshell Rooftop Tent brings together The Bush Company's expertise in aluminum fabrication with first-hand experience in land and safari adventures to deliver an innovative and proven product that is unrivalled in quality, simplicity and practicality. Hutch Tent manufactures four varieties of rooftop tents, including one that the company touts as being made in the United States. Sales are managed online and through the company's showroom in Salt Lake City. Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is a well-known brand in the field of ground and roof tents (RTT).

They produce some of the best RTT on the market, with products ranging from casual overnight camping to serious off-road expeditions. You can opt for an ABS or fiberglass tent construction and choose between manual and electric struts. Those with a tent make a LOT of money for shows, events and trips where you're not going to move much. Texas-based Roam Adventure offers a line of soft roof top tents, in addition to its line of adventure equipment that includes awnings, cases and coolers.

They do sell the upgraded ladders in place, so it's not something that should stop people from buying these tents. Popular with off-road enthusiasts or “overlanders”, tents allow 4x4 users to explore trails that would be unnavigable for a motorhome or trailer while enjoying a good night's sleep. Check the weight of the store you're considering, compare it to the dynamic weight capacity of your specific vehicle to determine if it's adequate. According to one of the CVT tent owners I spoke to, you can expect to receive your tent shipped in about a week if you order it online.

Their numerous hardtop and soft roof tents are available for purchase online and from a large number of dealers in the U.S. UU. The Shasta tent is designed for “two more”, which means it can comfortably sleep two adults plus a dog or a smaller child, especially if you opt for the extended version. All soft shell RTTs come in three color options, which change slightly depending on the store model, but are mostly earthy and natural tones.

In addition, with its durable material, little or no water leaks inside the tent and the insulation, compared to the Yakima, makes sleeping much more pleasant. Car roof tents have become popular as a budget option for RVs and a slightly sleeker way to camp. Bush Company is an Australian manufacturer of 4WD accessories and equipment whose product line includes several hardtop tents.

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