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What is the advantage of a roof top tent?

The advantages of a rooftop tent are its ability to stay clean, dry, provide luxury, comfort, and stay off the ground in a convenient and easy way. These are just some of the outstanding advantages that roof top tents (RTT) offer campers. See our list of the top 10 RTT Hardshell for information on this. Many people use RTTS in their off-road or 4×4 vehicles, and since the tent goes everywhere the vehicle goes, it can open up a lot of places where car camping wouldn't be practical otherwise.

Even if you have driven to a place where there are no wide and flat places to set up a tent, if you can use blocks to level your vehicle, your RTT will still operate comfortably. This is a particular feature of rigid RTTs, but many of these tent types have a hard top surface gear mounting system on which you can store about 75 pounds of additional equipment. How much weight can you put on the roof of a car? Overall, the DWC of most cars, trucks and SUVs is approximately 165 pounds. This means that when your vehicle is moving, you should never exceed that limit.

However, when your car is parked, you can add more on the roof, since no force is applied by the movement, and your extra weight is evenly distributed across the tent structure and roof bars. The 15 Toughest Ultramarathons in the World. Rooftop tents are safer because wild animals are less likely to climb into the vehicle to try to get into the tent. Plus, because you sleep above the animals that roam your camp, they'll be less likely to stick their noses in your tent to snoop around.

After all, you're out of their line of sight. You won't wake up with a bear taking root a few inches from your head. If a dangerous wild animal enters the camp, you can watch it from above. You may also have more time to prepare your bear spray or horn.

Compared to a motorhome, the roof top tent system is much cheaper. It's also much easier to drive, since you drive your normal vehicle instead of a land yacht. No, you don't have a bathroom, shower or kitchen sink on board. But my wife and I carried a large bucket of water, a two-burner stove and a YETI cooler.

So, really, our system is kind of an inexpensive RV. Soft roof top tents fold down to the side of your vehicle so that part of the tent hangs off the edge. And for your money, you can get a decent quality, comfortable and safe roof top tent that attaches to almost any car. Because rooftop tents are very complicated to install and remove, most people leave their tent mounted on the roof of their vehicle.

Knowing this, almost every roof tent manufacturer we have seen on the market has included a mattress in their tent design. But the setup has some of the advantages of RVs, especially the ability to camp in places where you'd never want to pitch a tent. It is true that the mythical Aziza is found instead in the Turin automobile museum, together, of course, with the Overland that is located on the roof. As an added bonus, rooftop tents keep you out of reach of some venomous creatures such as scorpions, snakes and spiders.

Over time, both designs evolved into the pop-up and pop-up gazebo designs that are popular today. Then, when you're ready to camp, simply unfasten the straps, give the roof a push and watch it expand. Most roof racks work with an RTT, but check the store manufacturer's specifications to see how wide the bars should be, spacing and weight requirements, etc. Roof tents tend to be more durable than floor tents because they are made of thicker and stronger materials.


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