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How heavy is a roofnest?

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching roof tent solution, the EYE roof sparrow fits your needs. At 130 pounds, this unique tent weighs no more than the competition, but offers a unique look and some interesting features. It has an equipment storage area, a solar panel mounting configuration, and ladder brackets on three sides. It also opens at the top to reveal epic views of the sky.

Despite the high load capacity, this tent is relatively light, weighing around 155 pounds. The aerodynamic and lightweight design helps provide you with a roof top tent that won't create as much drag consumption and gas mileage as some of your competitors. However, a heavier tent over your vehicle may be worth fighting against; many heavier models offer greater comfort, insulation, and more storage (and sleep) space. Not all vehicles can support a heavier tent, or a heavy tent, as well as campers and sleeping equipment, on their roofs.

Ebony Degeare
Ebony Degeare

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