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How much does a roof tent cost?

Some RTT manufacturers also have sales of dents and dents, where tents that have minor cosmetic defects are sold at greatly reduced prices. Finally, it's important to note that attachments cannot be combined with pop-up or clam tents that don't fold out beyond the footprint of your vehicle (with the exception of the James Baroud closed awning), so if you expect to add one later, make sure you buy the right style tent. In addition, Roofnest's awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn't come with awnings and its doors only have zippers on the sides). In addition to wind and rain protection, some roof tents have the option of adding additional insulation, such as the iKamper inner insulation tent and the Tepui Thule insulation.

Rooftop tents are built to withstand the elements, with thick, water-resistant body fabrics (usually a polyester/cotton blend) and fully waterproof rain. In addition to pursuing quality, it's important to be wary of the additional charges that appear once you've added your rooftop tent to your online shopping cart. Regardless of which tent you choose, it's best to sleep with windows and vents open to encourage airflow and minimize condensation buildup during the night. Again, shopping at a local equipment store will generally ease some of the headaches, as many stores will be able to help you load your tent into your vehicle.

There are some hard cases that allow you to attach your equipment to its top, such as the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 and Roofnest Sparrow. Rigid Tents Instead of using a soft cover, rigid tents consist of a fiberglass, plastic or aluminum housing that houses the tent's fabric canopy inside. Hard shells are a little heavier, but add more protection, both to the tent during transport and to you during inclement weather, such as sleet or thunderstorms. These tents are covered with a soft waterproof cover and fold out beyond the roof of your vehicle.

However, it's a svelte, easy-to-use roof top tent for everything from weekend trips to land, and the durable materials are designed to withstand years of use and abuse. And one of the biggest draws of rigid tents is the ease of installation, which can often be done by one person in less than a minute. This tent can be mounted front to back or side to side and comes with a ladder that extends up to six feet.

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