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When was roofnest founded?

I wanted to have a tent on the roof, but they were difficult to get hold of and expensive. Having ventured into selling things in bulk from Chinese producers, he started looking for Asian manufacturers for rooftop tents, but he wasn't satisfied with his options. Tim Nickles, the founder of Roofnest, is a 25-year-old Boulder resident who practically grew up outdoors. He spent his childhood touring the Alaskan wilderness with hiking boots on his feet and camping equipment on his back, tying his first pair of skis when he was just 3 years old.

Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to navigate the website. Get on the elevator with Tim Nickles, founder and CEO of Roofnest. Sorry if this post is too blatantly commercial: the OP asked what differentiates Roofnest, so I answered that below, but I've also tried to clear up some misconceptions about manufacturing and how things work in the RTT industry. Roofnest began a road trip to Moab with a large group of friends who gathered to laugh, play music, share stories and enjoy all the fun that a good weekend in the desert can offer.

Roofnest offers customers easy-to-use hardtop tents that are designed to look cool, as well as weather resistant and aerodynamic, all at an affordable price. This week, Roofnest launched its new line of Sparrow rigid tents, crowned by the first Sparrow XL. The Roofnest is so practical and comfortable that you'll daydream of places you can go to explore, see new things and create new experiences. I think there are benefits in that it makes established players like Roofnest or others realize and continue to strive to offer a better product, better value, etc.; in this regard, the competition is positive.

All Roofnest models feature an elegant fiberglass housing that mounts to almost any type of vehicle roof rack with cross bars. Due to its intentional minimalist design and direct-to-consumer business model, Roofnest also offers very competitive pricing. Also, go to Alibaba and search for Roofnest — there are probably 40 listings with photos that were just downloaded from our website. Roofnest offers you a simple and durable tool to make your road trip easy, fun and comfortable with the goal of taking you outdoors and on an adventure without concrete.

When I founded Roofnest, I went to China and met with several factories and established an exclusive relationship with a factory that I still work with today. And just in time for winter, Roofnest recently launched The Ptarmigan Tent Insulation, a foldable and easy to install synthetic insulation system for both Roofnest Basic models (Eagle and Sparrow) and Sparrow X.

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