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How long do roof top tents last?

Depending on the brand, the conditions in which you use them, the maintenance and the softshell versus hardshell, the stores will last more or less. Most hardtop tents last an average of 10 to 15 years. In contrast, most softshell roof tents last 5 to 10 years. For those who have a rooftop tent, what is the average lifespan of one? The latest update (the “2) features a more breathable top layer, additional channels for accessories along the sides, and improved materials in the tent body, but the original formula remains the same.

For example, the Cascadia Vehicle Tents Summit Series has LED lighting, USB ports and shoe bags. There are some hard cases that allow you to attach your equipment to its top, such as the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 and Roofnest Sparrow. Most importantly, you'll want to make sure the tent is completely dry after each trip and store it in a dry, shaded area, just like you would with a standard tent. Among the tents here, mattress dimensions range from 47 by 84 inches (slightly narrower than a twin mattress) to 87 by 96 (larger than a king-size mattress), with maximum heights of 36 (Maggiolina AirLand from AutoHome) to 60 inches for Falcon 2.In addition, many tent designs incorporate a condensation mat under the mattress to mitigate moisture buildup and mold (can also be purchased separately).

During transport, rigid tents are also more aerodynamic, completely waterproof (mold is less of a concern) and protect against low branches and flying debris. An apparent benefit of rooftop tents over traditional tents is being off the ground and away from creatures. In other words, there is no need to alternate between setting up your tent or charging box in your car every weekend. The tent better deflects the wind and minimizes noise when turned with the folding side facing the wind.

Compared to the cheaper Smittybilt Overlander above, the Walkabout offers a great boost in quality (both the mattress and the walls of the canvas tent are noticeably better quality), better blocks sunlight and has a much more bomb-resistant feel in adverse weather conditions. In addition to wind and rain protection, some roof tents have the option of adding additional insulation, such as the iKamper inner insulation tent and the Tepui Thule insulation. Extended warranty is available with iKamper, and discretionary replacement of parts and materials is available to Roofnest customers after their 2-year warranty on a case-by-case basis for failures due to normal use. Since most roof tents are sold through dealers, this approach will be the easiest way to get expert opinion and good installation at the same time.

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