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Are roofnest tents 4 season?

All of our tents are built to much higher standards and use much stronger materials than even heavy-duty tents. With a warm and durable hardtop tent, you'll never have to store your camping gear for the season. And with social distancing mandates in place and coronavirus cases on the rise, spending time out in nature with your family is one of the last sure ways to have an epic weekend. The Condor XL is a 4-person rooftop tent, plus a small maneuvering space for a toddler, dog or even a cat, if that's your style.

Rigid tents are significantly more expensive and heavier than soft ones, and many have smaller floor plans. Among the tents here, mattress dimensions range from 47 by 84 inches (slightly narrower than a twin mattress) to 87 by 96 (larger than a king-size mattress), with maximum heights of 36 (Maggiolina AirLand from AutoHome) to 60 inches for Falcon 2.These tents can be hard to find (James Baroud sells through his website and through a few other retailers), but it doesn't hurt that they all have a reliable 5-year warranty. Rigid tents are the quickest to set up, often as simple as unhooking the housing, hooking up the hinges and watching the roof lift up. Recreational campers or those who plan to use their rooftop tent only occasionally won't be bothered by the additional time it takes to set up and dismantle a softshell tent.

On the other hand, softshell tents require a little more time to remove the soft cover and insert poles to prop up the fly and awnings. Regardless of which tent you choose, it's best to sleep with windows and vents open to encourage airflow and minimize condensation buildup during the night. Keep out the cold breeze with quality insulation designed specifically for your Sparrow Rooftop and Sparrow XL Rooftop Tent. The Condor Annex zips onto the rain canopy of your Condor or Condor XL roof and extends to the ground, providing an enclosed space protected from the elements.

Due to their weight and volume, these tents are not easy to install or remove and generally require at least two people to assemble or remove them from your vehicle. If you like biking, skiing, paddling or surfing, you have several different options for carrying your additional equipment along with a rooftop tent. And one of the biggest draws of rigid tents is the ease of installation, which can often be done by one person in less than a minute.

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