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Are roof top tents rain proof?

Rooftop tents are even more waterproof than average tents because they benefit from not resting on the ground. However, just because a roof tent or even a traditional tent is labeled as waterproof, this doesn't mean it's 100% waterproof in all conditions. The roof tents are made of quality canvas that is durable and waterproof. They are considered 3 or 4 season tents, which means they can withstand adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind and even snow.

Softshell tents also have larger floor plans, come in a variety of shapes, and can easily accommodate attachments and awnings (more on that below). Even when it's raining, simply put on the included rain cover and leave the roof panels open for more air to flow. The waterproof top combined with the vertical walls of the tent make the tent virtually weatherproof and quiet in the wind. The tent body (usually made of canvas or nylon) is fixed to the entire platform and assembled with the help of internal hinges and manually placed poles.

The roof top tents are also equipped with windows covered with a mesh material, perfect for ventilation and to enjoy the pleasant view of the outside. Because soft roof tents require a protective cover, must be deployed and require tent poles, they are more difficult to assemble and exponentially more difficult to dismantle (especially in any type of bad weather, especially in rain, wind and snow). With rooftop tents gaining more popularity every year, a must-have is the security of knowing that they are waterproof. Keep reading to see the key considerations that need to be considered in your decision between a hardtop or soft roof tent.

Depending on the specific model, it can often fit several people in the store with ample room to move. Roof tents are made of very durable materials, such as a thick canvas and heavy-duty aluminum frames. All in all, the Skycamp is one of the most premium designs here and a solid option for those looking for the best rooftop tent money can buy. In addition, many tent designs incorporate an anti-condensation mat under the mattress to mitigate moisture buildup and mold (can also be purchased separately).

Their 93-pound roof top tent (formerly the Featherlight) is the lightest model on this list and a good choice for smaller cars, solo travelers, or those planning to get their tent out of their vehicle between trips. If you're buying your store and attachment separately, make sure they're compatible. First, connect the mounting channels to the tent base, position the ladder, attach the tent cover, and then mount the tent assembly to the roof rack of your car.

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