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How much does the roofnest sparrow xl weigh?

The different composition of Skycamp Mini and Sparrow structures also has a significant impact on the views they can offer. The roof sparrow scores highly in this category due to its fast 60-second setup time. You must make sure that your crossbars are at least 28 apart before climbing the Sparrow to your roof. The interior space in the roof sparrow is 83 long and 49 wide, for a total of 28 square feet.

There are ladder supports on both sides and in the back that make it easy to orient the sparrow in any camp. All packed, its dimensions are 85 x 50″ x 11″, so you'll want to set aside a good amount of space to store your Sparrow when it's not mounted in your vehicle. Roofnest's impressive RTT lineup includes Falcon, Condor and Sparrow (along with Sandpiper and Eagle, which are not currently listed on their website). The Sparrow roof, on the other hand, opens upwards, so you won't be stargazing at night.

All Roofnests ship with a sturdy, lightweight 8.5-foot telescopic ladder that can be secured to ladder supports under the 3 doors (side and rear). The Sparrow comes fully assembled and has a simple two-person installation process and is compatible with almost all factory or aftermarket crossbar systems. We really enjoyed the Sparrow XL and would recommend it to anyone looking for a rigid roof top tent where they can leave their bedding. Inside the Sparrow, you'll find a huge storage net on the roof, as well as a removable storage pocket that can be installed inside or outside the tent.

There has been a major resurgence in camps over the past few years with the introduction of new names in the industry such as iKamper and Roofnest, founded by Tim Nickles, a Boulder, CO resident. Say goodbye to a bad night's sleep while camping and say hello to a good nap with Roofnest.

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