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Why roof top tent is so expensive?

Due to their complicated construction, overall design, and additional accessories, rooftop tents are expensive compared to a small, unbranded tent. However, roof top tents are durable, high quality and should last a long time. Rooftop tents, since they are more expensive, often come with accessories. Users can purchase tents to suit their weight requirements.

Modular accessories such as additional awnings, storage shelves and rooms are also available. But why do rooftop tents cost so much money? First of all, because they are quite cozy and comfortable. Even if it's an additional expense, many of them include sky windows, feather mattresses, and solid walls to increase your comfort level. Also, since the tent is permanently attached to a vehicle, all that is next to you in the camp and you moving is the speed of assembly and disassembly.

When it comes to recreational vehicles or fifth wheelers, although they seem a little more luxurious at first glance, they tend to be just as problematic as a tent would be, simply offering a different type of discomfort. Most rooftop campers can get away with a cheaper tent (or pay a similar price for a more spacious model), but for the right to brag about a brand and the fanciest store on the block, you just can't beat James Baroud. When you buy a tent, you often won't find any additional accessories that you can buy separately and use together with the tent. Most rigid tents have fold-out or clam designs that limit the bed to the footprint size, but premium folding designs, such as the Condor XL, increase sleeping space considerably with an extended platform and mattress (for reference, interior dimensions measure 93 x 74 inches).

Your rooftop tent will provide you with a superior camping experience that traditional tents can't match if you invest in a sturdy skirting board. Since this is the cause, roof tents must be made of a sturdy material, which contributes to their relatively high overall price. Some attachments or awnings come with the purchase of a tent (the Denali Pioneer Extended CVT, for example, includes an annex), but most are sold separately. When the day is over and everyone is ready to sleep, conventional tents require a significant investment of effort.

The sparrow is easy to open (one person can do it in less than a minute), and you can even store your bedding inside when you pack the tent (a notable disadvantage of the Falcon above). But if your softshell needs to be replaced, most models use zippers to secure the tent canopy to the frame, so you can replace the awning without buying a completely new configuration. Soft shell tents have a foldable design, allowing them to be set up more quickly and provide a more spacious area for movement after stretching the tent. But, whether you're an experienced camper or new to the game, the expense of rooftop tents may surprise you.

Okay, you could say that roof tents offer a wider range of tent materials, their durability is better and they are safer to the ground thanks to the strong supports of your vehicle.

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