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How much do roof top tents cost?

The Skycamp Mini is mounted on a roof rack with iKamper quick adjust brackets version 3.0 that are compatible with a wide range of cross member sizes. Smittybilt has manufactured an Overlander annex that can be purchased separately and installed next to the roof tent with heavy-duty zippers (effectively making a unit) to provide enough standing space for cooking, changing or sleeping. The Weekender fits any size vehicle with the right roof rack and, as a bonus, comes with a 2-year warranty. Along with its panoramic rear window and double skylights, the tent had excellent airflow, even on sweltering hot nights.

Waterproof Oxford polyester (210D) is the fabric of choice for this manufacturer, which keeps you dry and your tent insulated while allowing the necessary airflow. Roof top tents (RTT) are amazing for camping comfortably even while exploring rugged and remote areas, but they can be very expensive. In addition, the side walls, front and roof of the tent have oversized canopy windows for weather-protected airflow and great views. You don't know how much the store has actually been used, and it's possible that some less scrupulous sellers may hide flaws or not give you all the data.

Some leave additional roof space for bicycles or boats, and some rigid housings have storage space at the top for equipment or space to mount a flexible storage panel. Simply place a tent on the roof rack of your vehicle and you can deploy it almost instantly by unfolding and extending your ladder. Folding and configuring your DIY tent will require a little more tweaking, but others have used different varieties of aluminum hinges and bars to get a viable end result. And if the ground is uneven, a few pieces of wood carefully placed under the tires can level the vehicle and tent.

It's quite lightweight and made of durable 260g polycotton canvas, which is water resistant on its own, but the tent also comes with a fully waterproof rain fly that attaches easily with side-release buckles.

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