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Who makes roofnest tents?

Roof nests are manufactured in China in a factory with more than 20 years of experience in building outdoor products. Manufacturing in China has come a long way and I am very satisfied with the workmanship and professionalism of the roof factory.. With vehicle-based camps appearing in the U.S. UU., S.

In three years, it has become a multi-million dollar company. To launch the direct-to-consumer enterprise (DTC) and make it grow so quickly, Nickles sought to manufacture overseas and even decentralize the U.S. UU. Although the company is based in Boulder, it is warehousing in Los Angeles, as shipments arrive at that port.

It's much easier to keep marquees there and ship them individually to customers across the U.S. From there. With five models available and more on the way, Roofnest is already hiring three factories within hours of Shanghai. “I have different factories that make the different styles of marquee that I offer,” Nickles explains.

Nickles estimates that, with growing demand, Roofnest now occupies 85 to 90 percent of manufacturing at each plant. They are basically our manufacturing factory, but we don't own them per se. He continues: “In our case, you already know that our store can be seen as an automotive accessory or as a camping product. That's one way for us to make sure that we're paying a fair rate.

That's part of the reason you haven't considered moving manufacturing. Moving manufacturing facilities to another country could be a multi-year effort and be very expensive, so it's not worth trying, Nickles explains. If, in a couple of years, it seems that tariffs are going to be in place for 5 to 10 years, then we would have to make a change, Nickles acknowledges. The company can also venture into retail.

It's more or less a question of the intersection of our brand growth, Nickles says, noting that the challenge is to find retailers who are willing to work with a company that is primarily direct-to-consumer. Rooftop tents are manufactured all over the world through brands such as iKamper, Tepui, Thule and Roofnest. These tents are made of acrylic, polyester, cotton, aluminum, meta47750ls and plastics. Its products are manufactured in the USA.

iKamper was the original innovator of the foldable hardshell helmet (see Skycamp 3.0 below), but Roofnest's vision of the concept delivers similar quality at a better price. A snowy partridge tent insulation kit is also available on some of the Roofnest models, to equip you for winter camping. All Roofnest models come with everything you need to set up and access your rooftop tent, including a retractable ladder. In the end, families with young children will likely be able to get away with smaller floor plans, but many campers will choose to increase their size or go for the XL versions (an option with Roofnest tents).

Roofnest has high-quality products that mount to the top of many makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Roof tents, for example, are known for their comfort, while the budget-oriented Smittybilt Overlander's mattress is thin and stiff. Among the tents here, mattress dimensions range from 47 by 84 inches (slightly narrower than a twin mattress) to 87 by 96 (larger than a king-size mattress), with maximum heights of 36 (Maggiolina AirLand from AutoHome) to 60 inches for the nearest falcon 2.Overall, these tents can be expensive, but they are very well built and are competitive with premium offerings such as CVT, iKamper and Roofnest. The James Baroud Evasion is a fold-out hardshell helmet, similar to models such as the Sparrow on the roof above and Maggiolina AirLand below.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and founded by Tim Nickles, a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Roofnest is a company that truly understands the needs and desires of those who find comfort in escaping the great outdoors. For example, the Roofnest Sparrow is 5 inches narrower than a double mattress, and the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 mattress, indicated as suitable for four people, is slightly larger than a standard king-size mattress. In addition, Roofnest's awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn't come with awnings and its doors only have zippers on the sides). .


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